Wednesday, February 20, 2013


"Mine maille shone not the light of death" is now free to download.
Two hidden tracks, "Summon greater bonespirit" and "Frozen horror" have been exposed as well.

Let it be known that the format of this tape is first and foremost in support of the Necro-Demonic Dungeon-Brawl board game "Cave Evil".

These songs and many other tracks by an array of artists can be found on the radio section of the Cave Evil website. Listen to them here.

It should also be noted that these tracks were released onto tape in order to properly express the beaten and downtrodden aspects of aural imprisonment.

A collaboration with The Way To Light is currently in the works and will be released via Murder/Suicide Incidents. There is no tentative release date at this time.
You can stream the entirety of the The Way To Light's new EP here:

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