Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sacrifice to The Cult of Undeath

I pray unto you, O Unholy Killer
Mighty Emperor of Chthonic Light!
Tear down these gates which block my path
And resurrect my will to fight!

I pray unto you, O Priest of Murderers
Lend power to my baneful rite!
Unveil to me your cloaked mysteries
O Mighty Wielder of the Bloody Scythe!
Let your blade cut down unto them
Smite the enemy in your servants defense!
Let them all succumb to your deathly might
And send these wretched villains hence!

Master of the Reddened Scythe
Golden Masked King of the Mighty Dead!
Let then your sickle fall down upon me
And cut through mine life's tenuous thread!