Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Who Oppose Me... 12" via Die Song

The live album "All Who Oppose Me..." is now available for purchase on clear one sided 12" lathe cut via DIESONG.NET
This release is to be limited to 50 copies, half of which will be ONLY SOLD AT SHOWS.

A slew of new releases are also available at Die Song's online store.
View the store's massive update directly here:

In conjunction with the release of "All Who Oppose Me..." is the announcement of Crawl's return to live performances.

In the next coming months the two albums tentatively titled "The Slow Torture of Caged Starvation" and "Tiller of Earth; First Killer of Man", the tape and compact disc versions of "All Who Oppose Me...", and new shirts/patches will be available for purchase both online and at shows

As soon as these goals are met Crawl will begin booking an east coast u.s. tour. If you seek to contact Crawl in advance concerning the tour you may do so at