Monday, October 1, 2012

Murder/Suicide Incidents

Back again with more choice additions to the store as well as some label related news.

Hellige - Demo 2012 CD

The newest demo from Argentina’s HELLIGE. This band has received praise and support from M/SI for some time now, as I’ve stocked one of their previous demo tapes and am happy to distribute their latest release.

Hellige continues in the direction established in their earlier recordings. Very cavernous and atmospheric riffing, still very reminiscent of Blut Aus Nord, yet with their own mark on this style of Black Metal. This demo comes to about 40 minutes of music and really showcases the band’s ability to write epic and eerie soundscapes.

To preview the entire recording, as well as all of their other recordings.

For more information regarding the band:

Crawl - Mine Mail Not Shone the Light of Death CS

First official release from San Antonio, TX’s only one man band, CRAWL. This consists of only drums, bass and vocals. Crawl has to be seen to be believed. The low end attack and percussive violence is something I’ve only been able to compare to early SWANS recordings. Primal and stripped down, there really isn’t anything like Crawl in Texas, or anywhere for that matter.
Listening to this recording is like having your eyes sewn shut and trying to feel your way around a labyrinth, only instead of getting closer to the exit, you just get more lost and dizzy. This is music for a dark stroll through a dungeon.

Every tape comes with a screen printed logo patch.
To hear more recordings:
The band’s facebook page:
The band’s website, to find pictures and video:

Mosquito Control - Promo 2012 CS

First release from Auckland, New Zealand’s Mosquito Control. This promo tape comes to about 15 minutes of  plodding and torturous DOOM. It almost sounds as if the whole band is on fire during the recording, they’re completely relentless throughout. Audio pain in its purest form.

To hear the recording:

The band’s Facebook page:
All these and more can be found here:


I also have a number of other distributed titles coming into stock soon, some known and a few unknown bands that definitely warrant your attention.

In label related news…

-M/SI-04 Wormlust - The Wormlust Collective was returned to me this week, finally, but there was an error in printing the CD jackets, so I am waiting for the correct jackets to be sent to me before putting them on sale, should be some time this week.
-I’m proud to finally announce that M/SI-05 will be a full length CD release for CRAWL titled, “The Slow Torture of Caged Starvation”. More details will surface as they are available.

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